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a year at singdean

Please don’t use these pictures as a weather forecast as the weather here in the hills has no pattern! 

IMG 3011

January. I love the snow! The road is kept clear to keep us accessible.

IMG 3810

February - robins will sometimes feed from your hand. They quite like cheese!

IMG 3687

March - rain, sun, snow. March gets it all...

singdean burn

April. Spring is just getting underway, the ground starts to warm

IMG 0474

May - ‘our’ beautiful house martins have returned from Africa and are busy nest building

singdean june

June. A few scorching days tempt you into thinking it’s Summer


July - already more than half way through the year. Where did that time go?

IMG 7142

August. Summer time

IMG 1375

September - the start of Autumn, the smells are amazing, the ferns start to brown. 

IMG 1361

October - every now and then, you get a whiff of Winter coming


November - a gentle reminder that Winter is sort of here.

SAM 1291

December - OK, I just love the snow.